Sunday, July 01, 2007

The Value of a Good Education

The garish neon sign (arrogantly erected without planning permission) outside of R*ckl*nd D*str*ct H*gh Sch**l currently says something along the lines of:

"Happy Independance Day"

I may not have their sentiment exactly right, but the spelling is verbatim. Nice work there by our town's leading public educational institution.

It is this sort of thing that lead to the sign outside the Otis, Maine volunteer fire department's "modjelaah" building in September 2001 that read "Untied We Stand". I hope they didn't trip over their laces en route to rescue cats stuck up trees.


Anonymous said...

Note the label, on that photo.

weasel said...

Indeed Mr/Ms. Anonymous- that's where I made this sign, which is why it says "Church Sign Generator" on it.

I'm a little confused by what point you are trying to make- if you are from Church Sign Generator, so you want additional credit? Or are you trying to play "gotcha" and you think that I thought that this was a real sign?

Color me puzzled...

Rikki said...

I was going to type "Are you shitting me?" in re: the Rocklund HS sign management types, but now I think it might be more applicable to your new friend with the church sign up his arse. He must have stock in that website or something. Or she. Shant be sexist. Not in this atmosphere. I mean, atmusfear.