Friday, June 29, 2007

You Lazy Bastards

I was recently chatting with my chum Biopolymer Chris, the King of Seaweed Derived Products, and we got on to the subject of insanely lazy food. I offered up Stouffer's microwavable panini as the laziest food around. This is bread made to look like it had been toasted on a sandwich iron with cheese in the middle- nuke it and hey presto, you have cheese on toast (or grilled cheese, if you prefer). Too lazy to take two slices of bread, put some cheese behind them, and bung on the stove? Surely the most slothful of snack foods.

But then Chris trumped me with something which might require a tad more prep in its original form (getting a can opener out, for example) but gives the microwavable cheese sandwich a real run for its money in the laziness stakes. It certainly sounds more disgusting. Ladies and gentlemen, please meet the microwaveable baked beans on toast pocket:


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