Sunday, July 01, 2007


Amidst all the hoopla on both sides of the Atlantic over the attack by the Islamic Non-Sequitur League* on Glasgow Airport I want to ask a two-parter. After every incident or thwarted incident the level of airport security in the United States is raised. Does this mean:

a) That the terrorist types are fiendishly clever and are constantly out-thinking our best security minds? On Saturday afternoon was a TSA or FBI person thinking "A car that explodes- a car bomb, if you will; that's so out of left field we never would have anticipated that in a million gazillion years. Now we know about that, lets raise the security level"?


b) That these tightened security measures are a pointless attempt to mollify the great travelling herd of egotistical idiots who won't go near a 25 year-old Boeing 737 crewed by surly failed models and crop-duster rejects in case Osama bin Laden has personally poisoned the complimentary nuts unless some cro-magnon git with a plastic sheriff-type badge confiscates their shampoo?

"We get what we deserve" is a way better battle cry for this Globule War on Turr than "They hate us for our freedoms" or "you are either with us or against us". I wish they'd set up an airline and a security check-in for those of us prepared to weigh the risk and travel the old way anyway.

(*"Knight Salman Rushdie, will ya? Well we'll try to blow up the Ryan Air desk at Glasgow Prestwick in retaliation. Allah Admiral Akbar!")

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SkookumJoe said...

Mom always said someone who hates you for your freedoms isn't really a friend at all!