Monday, December 10, 2007

R Kelly's Dream Weekend?

Also trapped in a toilet

This might be the worst episode of that Bear Grylls show ever:

Man's four days trapped in toilet
A man spent four days trapped in a toilet after the door handle broke (the rest...)

Poor git should have heeded the ancient Scottish saw, "Afore ye squat above yon pan, be quite assure'd ye can work yon han.....dle. Shit. It doesnae scan."

I endured a vaguely similar survival situation, having to eat my underpants in 1996 in an attempt to feign madness and thus escape the world's most tedious dinner party (to that point in recorded history). Those were the longest two hours of my life and I truly feared for my survival.

I also rafted the Amazon using just a ballcock and a toilet duck.


Bill Norris said...

If not R. Kelly, than Larry Craig for sure....

Weasel's little brother said...

I got locked out of my hotel room when I returned from breakies as the outside handle had fallen off my door overnight, and had gone missing. I went to reception who made me sign for it as it had been handed in as lost property.

The Mole said...

Link to me????

The Mole said...

Four days in a loo, trapped and only loo water to drink?
Think that this guy was the only one in the UK NOT to have a mobile phone.

weasel said...

Dear Mole;

I'll take your request under advisement, but I fear your eloquent ramblings may prove a little too Daily Mail for me based on what I have read so far. Describing England a vast refugee camp? Oh dear. As if it matters what language one speaks as long as one is productive (I refer you to long and ancient British tradition of accepting refugees and refusniks- everyone from the Hugenots to Karl Marx to even Roald Dahl's family).

And to think that one of our proudest virtues used to be tolerance: such a shame to see sang froid replaced with impotent fear on the part of my countrymen. To quote Michael Winner, that great champion of the right, "Calm down, dear!"

I shall keep a weather eye on your postings however as I'm not closed to the idea of engaging with my political opposites!