Friday, December 14, 2007

The Mitchell Report

Gagne Proves Steroids Don't Work

Reporters Ask Pettitte, "When Would Jesus Juice?"

Clemens Insists he's a Natural Asshole: No Need to Take Drugs To Get That Way

In other news:

  • A Rod ruins complete strangers' day by announcing new bat endorsement deal in middle of their wedding.
  • Baseball's Steroid Era: ESPN pundits blame Belichick, Patriots.
  • Mike Mussina insists "Moose Tracks" refers to ice cream, not injection sites
  • Youkilis' chin under scrutiny: illegal facial Rogaine use?

(For my British and overseas chums, The Mitchell Report )

1 comment:

mainelife said...

Ain't it just the way? We get the one guy for whom steroids don't work. Curse of the Fenway or something.