Tuesday, June 26, 2007

A Few Choice Keywords

Interesting; there has been a marked decrease in perverts stopping by Wisdom Weasel on route to their search for filth, with perhaps the exception of the eternal optimist who seems to google "Tina C*rvasio N*ked" every day. Instead, I seem to be on the receiving end of some more esoteric search engine queries (in no particular order):

vegetable dye for eyebrows
babies disguised as pandas
accountancy was my life until I discovered smirnoff
scallop consumation (sic) in the eu

and my favorite of the moment:

a scene from a film with a man in a neck brace and blue trousers

Ooh! Ooh! I love that film- "Hombre en un apoyo del cuello y pantalones azules" by Pedro Almodovar. Its an early classic.


mainelife said...

Do you miss the pervs? Also, are we sure that vegetable dye for eyebrows isn't a little bit kinky?

weasel said...

Good point, and I also hope the seeker looking to learn more about how the scallops of the European Union consumate is a marine biologist.

mainelife said...

I'm guessing he's a perv...but that's just a guess and I'm a glass half empty kind o'gal

SkookumJoe said...

"in the supermarket without the pantys(sic)" was top of my list today, from Google Spain.

it's a nice change from all the ones searching for monkey mating videos.