Tuesday, October 03, 2006


Artist's rendering of my old roommate, Boo Jones

I was on the telephone with my former roommate and good chum Boo Jones last night, passing mutual compliments back and forth about a splendid breakfast we had shared in Bar Harbor the previous day in the company of our lovely consorts, when there was a burst of static on the line and a tinkling sound like several chandeliers shaking at once.

"Holyfuckingshitholyfuckingshitthatwasanotherearthquakeholyfuckingshit woweveryoneisoutonthestreetjesusthatwasfreakyandcoolholyshit!" boomed Jones in one breath.

Before last night I had never been on the phone with someone as an earthquake took place. Now I can cross that experience off my list. This was Bar Harbor and Mount Desert Island's third tremor in 10 days, and the strongest to date with a magnitude of 3.9.

I hope Country Mouse and I don't have to pull out the futon and prepare to receive refugees from among our MDI family and friends. I was hoping to use the upcoming weekend to wash the living room blinds rather than run a soup kitchen for our indigent chums. However, as our mutual friend Stipe noted, That's great, it starts with an earthquake... Also, Tim Daly was on the island a few years ago for the filming of The Storm of the Century and we all know that Tim Daly sightings precede most natural disasters (he has a sixth sense for being in the right place to research his next TV movie role).

Should this seismic activity continue I may be inspired to dust off and polish up my Maine volcano disaster movie script, Cracker-toa, East of Cleveland.


erin said...

found this posting googling old friends, and spoke with boo jones earlier this evening... he doesn't quite look that - does he? i remember boo jones as being quite slight, no?

boo's first love

weasel said...

He is indeed slender, but does have the hirsute aspect and booming voice of Captain Caveman.

Nice to meet you- virtually. I have heard many things about you, all good.

erin said...

okay. now i am totally nostalgic for bar harbor, a place i have never been. poor boo has never been on-line, as far as i am guessing. i am happy he has interesting witty friends.... yes, a booming voice!

nice to meet you as well, albeit, virtually. got a b-day card from boo today, on the right day, after many years...

he is ingrained in my mind for 22 years... met him when i was 14. all good... except for the part where he ended up in maine, and i ended up in oregon.