Monday, October 02, 2006

Truly, A Star

After a weekend in Bar Harbor hearing from all and sundry how they thought the earthquake (below) was a) someone backing a car into their building; b) their furnace back-firing after the summer layoff; or c) the washing machine in spin cycle, I opened my email inbox to see the following message from Bill Norris:

And it is done.

As part of our ongoing Yankees/Red Sox bet, Bill transformed himself from pinstriper to royal rooter with the help of some temporary tattoos and some artful photography from Olga. The full series can be found here, but for now here is my current favorite:

I am glad Bill was able to ease the pain of having to bear the mark of the beast by spinning a fine narrative to accompany the pictures. After reading his words, let nobody doubt his empathy for the transformative power of suffering. Perhaps after this he is a little closer to understanding that sport, like life, is not about how many championship rings you buy but about how you play the game.


Bill Norris said...

Glad you enjoyed it.

Until next April then, at least on this topic.

weasel said...

I dunno; you aren't a Jets fan by any chance, are you?

Bill Norris said...

Not particularly. I don't care all that much about football, but if I were pressed, I'd root for the Giants over the Jets if the two met head to head.

And, do to having an Uncle who was a Boston resident and an early gift of Celtics pjs, I grew up rooting, oddly enough, for Boston on the hardwood.

We could try Rangers/Bruins, but I find it unseemly for anyone but Canucks to get worked up over hockey.

weasel said...

We are probably going to have to wait until April, you are right. The Boston/New York Poker Challenge constantly airing on NESN isn't going to cut it.

ms.bri said...

Weasel, you should visit when Bill visits. That would be entertaining. And I'm all about other people entertaining me.

weasel said...

I would but I'm on standby for earthquake relief duty.