Wednesday, October 04, 2006

We Will Fight To The Last Drop Of Your Blood

Custer Stayed The Course

Working Assets has recently been running a contest (now closed) to come up with a slogan to counter Republican talking points such as "Cut and run" and "Stay the course". Unfortunately, now that the voting on the various slogans has closed Working Assets has taken the list down until they announce the winner on October 10th (way to permeate the message through the membrane, you dumb hippies. Leave them up and let them spread, already!) but Sean Paul Kelley over at Agonist helpfully posted a few of the best here. As Kelley writes;

"My favorite slogan in opposition to and a way of reframing the notorious "cut and run" is: "Any kid but mine". The next time a Republican says that to me I will reply, "sure thing, Mr. Any Kid But Mine.""

The mid-terms aren't too far off, and even if you manage to avoid having to tangle with any Bush boosters during election season, keep these under your belt until Thanksgiving with that odd conservative cousin or aunt.

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