Friday, September 29, 2006

It Wasn't My Fault, I Was 80 Miles Away

Bar Harbor two weeks ago...

...And today. Or not.

Strange things are afoot just above the mantle in coastal Maine, as a series of small earthquakes have hit Country Mouse's home town of Bar Harbor in the past couple of weeks. We are travelling up there this weekend so I shall pack my earthquake-proof wellingtons just in case. I am no great believer in fate but after the news of the tremors reached Disgracelands (my current abode) I did wonder about my family's unfortunate propensity to be connected to all manner of disasters (mostly man-made, but as I think I neglected to mention, my Thailand-dwelling Great-Uncle Roy had a brush with the Indian Ocean tsunami).

Perhaps however this is a sign, like the one given to Bruce Willis by the train crash in the awful Unbreakable ("They call me Mr. Glass! The Children! The Children!") that I am destined to save the world, again. Therefore should the ultimate earthquake strike this weekend during our visit I shall face whichever mythical mutant sea creature- created by our own abuse of the environment through nuclear testing in Gouldsboro- should arise out of Frenchman Bay unafraid.

Everybody has a little Raymond Burr in them, after all.

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