Thursday, September 28, 2006

I Have The Same Swimsuit

I suppose if you wanted a primer on the two sides of my personality, you could do worse than consider these two filums whose US releases I am eagerly awaiting. No doubt both are terrible, but I never claimed to be Roger Ebert or Barry Norman.


Bill Norris said...

Two things.

The trailer for Children of Men may be the only time I've ever seen a trailer that makes what I'm sure is going to be a very good movie look over-the-top and melodramtic. I trust Cuaron (though it's a tad strange they cite his helming of the Harry Potter flick in the trailer) and it's got terrific actors, but the trailer's almost feels hysterical.

If I ever win another bet with you, I'm going to ask for something involving a yellow thong singlet. Just saying.

weasel said...

I'll concede it is a melodramatic trailer, but it does feature Michael Caine as "an' ippy" which I find the most dystopian vision of all: that hippies will have survived yet another 30 years. And I'm always going to enjoy any movie that fills the streets of Britain with ragged mobs of angry automata (28 Days Later being a recent example) set against recognizable store fronts (e.g. "Oh my god: there's Marks & Spencers*, but with a zombie inside eating ready meal chicken korma!").

The only thing better would be a mash up of Borat and Children of Men, with the angry mobs all wearing yellow thong singlets.

(*Yes Mondale, I remember that you used to work at Marks & Spencers.)