Sunday, May 14, 2006


Just advanced notice that posts may be a little sporadic for the next week as:

1) I'm trying furiously to wrap up a submission to Baumer's latest project over at River Vision Press- 3,000 words on the Wyeths and coastal Maine, at least two gags a page, one reference to Jennifer Lopez's bottom, and no drawings (send stamped, addressed envelope for your copy and prepare to learn about how Jesus was a 4ft tall Nubian with six fingers on each hand: true!);

2) Along with Country Mouse, I have 6 hours of mix-CDs to make;

3) I have foolishly set myself the goal of completing two 750 word bits for the June and July editions of The Bar Harbor Squash before I go on vacation next Monday;

4) I'm going on vacation next Monday, for two weeks; and finally,

5) I get married in two weeks time. Holy crap!


Listmaker said...

if the mixes aren't to my liking, i'm taking my crab roll and heading home.

weasel said...

But I've assigned you to the kid's tent for two hours to show "Crash"!