Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Another Thing Ruined

Mr. Whippy soft serve ice cream: dead to me now

First she abolished free milk in schools, which according to a letter in football365 reported in The Guardian has had knock on effects that have gravely damaged England's chances in Germany 2006;

Then she abolished the 1/2 penny coin, leading to the doubling in price of 1/2p chewy sweets and a 50% reduction in the purchasing power of my pocket money;

And now I learn Mrs. Thatcher had a hand in the creation of one of my favorite industrial food products, Mr. Whippy soft serve "ice cream":

"Before she became a politician, it was Mrs Thatcher's proudest claim that she had revolutionised the composition of Mr Whippy ice cream, so that it contained more cold air bubbles per quart of vegetable fats...." (Boris Johnson rambling about technology in the Daily Telegraph).

Next thing you know I'll read that she gutted the British union movement and said something silly like "there is no such thing as society". I mean, after learning she had a hand in Mr. Whippy nothing would surprise me.

Baroness Thatcher of Grantham, photographed on her 80th birthday.


Mondale said...

Didn't you know that? That's why it's such a guilty pleasure. With every lick you are giving it to the Argies. When it dribbles down the cone you are nibbling the nipple of a sweaty General Pinochet.
It's how the Devil makes you into a Tory. he gives you the best tunes (and ice cream)
I wonder what Trotter would think about this?

weasel said...

You would be astounded by the depths of what I don't know. Known knowns, known unknowns, all that.

The left needs to work on building a new Whippy-rusalem.