Monday, May 15, 2006

Now it all makes sense

Our brave boys roust out the swarthy latin horde from their Rio Grande hidey-holes

The Iraq war, so puzzling to so many, now finally makes sense. Forget democracy, forget WMD, forget terrorism: the deployment to the deserts of Babylon is simply an extended training mission for the National Guard:

Mexico alarm at Bush border plan (BBC)

Hot sun; sand; olive skinned opponents attempting to move stealthily; embedded journos from the MSM and agitated lefties trying to make documentaries; poorly educated, tribally minded, angry and heavily armed locals; this will all be very familiar to the Guard.

It is just like the time in the late seventies President Carter deployed Vietnam-tested units to the Louisiana Bayou to stop Laotian boat people from sneaking up the Atchafalaya. Good times, ah good times.

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