Monday, November 10, 2008

"Hope" even touches spammers

I just received my first spam email offering pictures of a n*de Michelle Obama. Now, despite the existence of any such photos being as likely as there being pictures of John McCain naked draped in sausage links and raw steak (you are welcome) one has to admire the chutzpah of the spamographers. When all else is lost, they keep repeating "yes we can!" and send out teases and requests for off-shore shelters for smuggled diamonds.

Bless their little cotton socks. Keep striving, spammers.

They are preparing McCain's meatkini, just in case I'm wrong.


Mark said...

For some reason (inate obtuseness perhaps?) I've been trying to refrain from getting too excited about Obama's win. At the same time I've been fighting the urge to be all doom-and gloom about the restrictions the economy and the wars he inherits will place on his time in office.

But now I'm ready to just enjoy the moment of victory, and history - perhaps in some strange way thanks to meatkini? And raise a glass to you and Mondale, who I'm sure have raised a glass or two in the interim.

(Whilst savouring the moment, I thought I'd ask what you think; was it the 'swing-voters' or was it the way they got their core voters to the polls that swung it for Obama this time?)

Wisdom Weasel said...

He's got a tough road ahead, no doubt. But I think of the presidential hopefuls (and indeed of any of the candidates who put themselves from all the parties back in the primary season) he has the best management style suited to these times, regardless of ideology.

There are two complimentary emotions among those who wanted an Obama win (and like all good Venn diagrams, these emotions touch some of those who were pulling for other candidates too). One is excitement at the epoch making nature of what his election represents to America and the world. The other is a cautious optimism that his pragmatic and grown-up political instincts as displayed throughout the campaign might be the ones to guide us through these assorted problems we all face. If you can track down the endorsements by both the New Yorker and the Ecomomist you'll be able to see what I mean: neither dwelled on party platform or ideology but both highlighted Obama's cerebral, focused, and adaptive style of leadership.

As for who put him in office: I can tell you who it wasn't- old whites, and white men without college educations (who now only make up 36% of the electorate while insisting that they are the American majority- Joe the Plumber has an empathy gap as big as the butt crack he exposes while working on the pipes).

Buttermilk Sky said...

Would you mind if I picture Obama naked and draped in sausages? And a headless Bush being used in an Afghan buzkashi match? Thank you.