Sunday, November 09, 2008

New Era, New Layout

Actually, its not that planned out- I was farting about with possible new templates and accidentally wound up with this. I rather like the fresh feel, but I am concerned that my inadvertent update buggered up my links. So if you'd be a dear and make sure your link lists and works, I'd me most grateful.

Love to all

PS: I used to be quite good at technology, but a couple of things in recent weeks are making me reassess my skill levels...

PPS: Can anyone help me find where that Amazon bar code is and how I can take it off the site? Sigh.


mike said...

Running FF 3.0.4 and AdBlock and NoScript I don't see it, but your site is pulling in JS from and, so I'm guessing there are a couple of includes buried in the header somewhere pointing to those.

Wisdom Weasel said...

Thanks for checking it out. I'm a bit of a novice but I thought I had it, only to be told that various XML tags were not closed when I took out what I thought was the code.

I'm going to keep at it- it is far too intrusive as it is but I hope folks can put up with it for a little while.