Friday, April 04, 2008

I Almost Missed It

..And I might be too late, but place your bets for this year's


As in years past, bragging rights go to the reader who picks the best finisher. Everyone can pick two horses. Follow the "Nags" tag for highlights from past races. Results will be posted on Sunday

For what it is worth, I pick BOB HALL and COMPLY OR DIE.


Joe said...

Excellent! I had to use a few rules to narrow the field:

1) No overtly French names
2) No names that I can't pronounce or define
3) No Rolling Stones songs
4) No g-damn snow references

With that in mind, my picks are:

Simon to win, due to the natty polkadots

Iron Man as my longshot, because this was Ozzie's finest hour.

kristin said...

I call on a grey to win, but I'm too lazy to figure out which of these is grey. So with that, I am calling:

Win - Comply or Die (sorry for stealing yours); and

Place - a longshot - but this name warrants mention - Mr. Pointment. WTF?

mike said...

I'm in for:

I'll let my racehorse family better half trounce me, should she be inclined to wager down.

mike said...

and she apparently does...

country mouse said...

Baily Breeze (of course) and Butler's Cabin are my picks this year. We're shooting for two years in a row here.

Margaret Evans Porter said...


Because I'm obsessed with weather.

Weasel's little brother said...

My money has already been put down at the bookies on Butler's Cabin as it is going to win, so to hedge my bets I'll have a different pair for this sweep. So I am going for Bewley's Berry and Cloudy Bay.

Bill Norris said...

I'm backing Dondoire and Kelami.

Dondoire for the shrewd Irish trainer.

And Kelami because it sounds like a girl who might break my heart.

Mondale said...

This year is sooooo easy.
Follow the usual rules.
Any horse with a yellow/green rider.

This year there are TWO. And they both have Y/G quarters which means they combine both my teams, City and Bristol rovers! yeah!!!
So, well, whatever thse horses are called I'll back them.

Mondale said...

So that's 'Hedgehunter' and 'Cloudy Lane'.
Thank you very much.

The Mole said...

I pick 'Fundamentalist' and 'Slim Pickings as my pair... what is the prize?

Will you deliver?

Am I now entered for the Nigerian Email Lottery with a $10,000 billion jackpot?