Thursday, April 03, 2008

Good Stuff For 'Head Heads

BBC and Radiohead- two national treasures combine to offer this treasure trove of archival performances and minutiae:

Radiohead at the BBC

"Here I'm allowed, everything all of the time".

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Rikki said...

I need to find a copy of the Radiohead show I caught at Great Woods, err, I mean Verizon Wireless Copacabana or whatever ... in, I believe, 1998. With all the stuff out there, freely shared internet wise, on the up-and-up, I would have thought I would find it by now. No luck. "This is really happening ... happening ...."

What the hell happened to the Irish nationalist who has his Summer Street house on the market? The snap exit was mystifying ... and then he has the gall to pull into my driveway, offload my mother-in-law, and split. I have nothing further to add.