Sunday, April 06, 2008

Horses for Courses

Comply or Die thunders home by four lengths

Bloody hell- not only did my horse finish on top out of all the picks, it also won the whole race. Alas, as proprietor of Wisdom Weasel I cannot claim the prize myself. Luckily, Kristin also backed Comply or Die and so she wins.... something. Does getting her husband out from under her feet for an evening count as a prize? Or should something involving lobsters and beer in her new home town be more appropriate? I'm sure she will advise.

As for the rest of you turf accountants and fetlock knobblers, this is how your picks fared:

1st Comply Or Die (Kristin, Weasel)

3rd Snowy Morning (Mike, Margaret)

4th Slim Pickings (The Mole)

5th Bewleys Berry (Weasel's Little Bruvva)

6th Cloudy Lane (Margaret, Mondale, Weasel's Little Bruvva)

8th Baily Breeze (Country Mouse)

13th Hedgehunter (Mondale)

30th fence, pulled up: Mr Pointment (Kristin)

29th fence, pulled up: Dun Doire (Bill)

29th fence, unseated rider: Simon (Joe)

22nd fence, fell: Butler's Cabin (Country Mouse)

22nd fence, pulled up: Bob Hall (Weasel)

22nd fence, pulled up: Naunton Brook (Mike)

11th fence, fell: Kelami (Bill)

11th fence, fell: Fundamentalist(The Mole)

3rd fence, unseated rider: Iron Man (Joe)

Start prepping for next year!


Mondale said...

Give me a heads up next year, I'll do a real bet for you.

kristin said...

Since I stole your horse, I think the only fitting prize would be lobsters at our place, provided by Mike of course (since his horse wimped out at the 22nd hedge). I'll do the dishes (aka newspaper).

weasel said...

Keep being magnanimous like this and you are going to give lawyers a good name.

We'll bring wine and dessert. Yippee!

Mondale- sling a fiver on Pompey for the FA Cup and I'll be most indebted, sir.

Margaret Evans Porter said...

How thrilling! I did far better than I expected. Or deserved.

Felicitations, Weasel, on your impressive showing. And to all the other.

Rosettes all round!

Joe said...

Embarrassing. This is why I never wager anything of value.

Globus said...

spawny get. once globus had his horse win the national, and QPR beat oxford 2-1. happy days, sadly not repeated.