Friday, March 07, 2008

By Xenu!

I don't intend to be a water carrier for Scientology, Tom Cruise, or Katie Holmes but I must admit to rolling my eyes recently at one of the "Shock! Horror! Tom and Katie's baby is a freak!" stories the supermarket tabloids love to emblazon on their covers.

Apparently Cruise and Holmes are so kooky and intent on indoctrinating their toddler into the ways of Scientology that little Suri is not allowed to "watch TV or eat Happy Meals".

If that is the standard for way-outside-the-norm- cult-brainwashing-parenting- philosophies, then the majority of parents of my generation I know must be fully paid up Operating Thetans.

In reality the closest anyone I know has come to Scientology is the occasional eating of hubbard squash. Unless their reluctance to force nutritionally empty McDonalds food and Days of Our Lives onto their children reflects a secret adherence to dianetics of course.


Anonymous said...

Gosh, I'm not even sure how I got to you blog. I was blurfing (that is blog surfing and I believe I am the first person to coin the phrase. If it takes off you may say you knew me when..) and well, here I am.

I have long been thinking about Wee Suri since seeing of her HORRIFIC LIFE in the local Hannafords checkout line. I guess I couldn't not have put it better than you, so may just refer my readership (20) to your blog. Poor dear lamb can't eat a Happy Meal. I guess I'm a horrible parent too. Does this mean Britney Spears is a GOOD parent?

Enjoying your blog...

weasel said...

That's very kind of you, we must exchange links (midcoast pride, and all that).

Probably the same Hannaford, one imagines.

Donna said...

"Suri is not allowed to "watch TV or eat Happy Meals"

my god, has anyone called the child protective services yet?!!!!

Mainecatwoman said...

"little Suri is not allowed to "watch TV or eat Happy Meals".

I'm not going to worry until he makes her watch "War of the Worlds."