Monday, March 03, 2008

Maybe the Name is Worse that the Side Effects...

a piece by Stephen Jon

A new pharmaceutical ad has hit the American airwaves, chums, this one for yet another compound designed to combat the excess of acidic bile that is a byproduct of our dyspeptic age.

Now that heart burn is a disease rather than a discomfort these products are to be expected. This one however has a most unfortunate name:


I'm sure it looked fine written down, but based on the way they pronounce it in the commercial I don't think I'll be rushing to guzzle handfuls of "ass effects" any time soon.

Their product sounds like either porn foley or a pair of lift-and-separate shorts for the terminally saggy. I'll have none of it.


H.Wood said...

I don't have a use for heartburn meds. However a mysterious ass med sounds fun.

Anonymous said...

The drug has claimed its first victim already: