Wednesday, August 29, 2007

A Real Toe Tapper

I have been following the story of Republican Senator Larry Craig with a degree of incredulity. Hanging out in public bathrooms, tapping the feet of an undercover cop, pleading guilty in a vain attempt to keep his subsequent arrest for lewd and disorderly conduct under wraps, and then claiming it was all an innocent mistake when the story breaks? You can't beat politicians for hanging on to the cover story just long enough to make themselves seem like tortured self-loathing psychiatric cases, can you?

I offer up the following as an object lesson to any elected official looking to carry off the deep scandal photo op:


Clockwatcher said...

Where did this clip come from?? That was fabulous, truly fabulous.

mike said...

I was wondering when we saw this recently - did they add the laugh track just for the US? I remember finding it very intrusive.

weasel said...

Its from Season 3 of Little Brtiain. Alas, the laugh track is not an addition; it was even on the original radio series.

FlyingRodent said...

It's just compulsive behaviour, isn't it?

I mean, what the hell's going on? Are we going to see live footage of Cheney being surgically removed from a horse?

I recommend that each Republican Senator and Congressman henceforth be issued a very cold spoon, like the woman who checks your knackers for deformity at school.

One swift rap on the Cardinal's Hat, and that will be an end to that.