Monday, August 27, 2007

Around The Houses

I keep meaning to write something about the awesome horror that is NESN's "Sox Appeal" Fenway Park dating show before it is put out of its misery, but everytime I start my hands begin to tremble uncontrollably. Therefore I will content myself by refering all and sundry to three newish-to-me blogs I rather enjoy:

Knut Albert's Beer Blog
The adventures of a Norwegian beer fanatic who writes about the suds with such glee it makes me want to trundle to the nearest pub and slump in an easy chair with brew in hand. Maniac Muser and retired spousal unit: pick your poison next time you are up...

Growning Up In Maine
Ed moved away, but he's still a Mainer in his soul and has the childhood spruce-inflicted bruises to prove it.

From Here to Paternity
Scout's chum Hazel's dad: a much more eloquent take on Rock-around-the-clock-land based fatherhood than I have so far been able to muster.


mainelife said...

Will you rescind the invite if I admit that I watch Sox Appeal? I'm not sure that I enjoy it exactly, but I just can't look away.

Thanks for the link to Knut's Beer's my kind of joint.

weasel said...

It is a bit like driving past a car crash, and who knew there were so many single knuckleheads and floozies in the Saugus area, eager to get on TV?

John said...

It's amazing how little advertising on the Web costs nowadays.

weasel said...

Just wait until I bill you for click throughs.

Jim said...

NESN--you mean New England Sox (Sucks?) Network?

When a regional team is allowed to use the public airways to schill its product to a brain addled New Englanders, what do you expect.

BTW, what's up with Tina Cervasio? Can't they find someone other than this pathetic reporter wannabe to grace the broadcasts? Give us a little more eye candy at least, like Kathryn Tappen.

weasel said...

Somebody got out of bed both angry and horny this morning. Eye candy? Really? Watch out- I'll report you to the progressive police.... :)

I really don't mind NESN, even when they attempt some of their more silly programming. At the end of the day they are just a TV station. Besides, Jerry and Don are way better than ESPN's or Fox's announcers. For every Sox Appeal (which is can't look away unintentionally funny rather than trully mind rottingly awful) there's a Jim Rice or Dennis Eckersley moment in the studio that makes me want to punch the air with delight.

It may well be pablum foisted upon the great clueless proletariat of New England by the Sporting Industrial Complex, but its partisan, its the opening notes of "Dirty Water", and it speaks our coded language. Its the Fox News of Sox and Bruins coverage, god love it. You know what you are going to get.

I really am going to have to write about Sox Appeal now. Hands up who has seen it (MaineLife, vote has been recorded).

Jim said...

I actually just heard that Larry Craig says "to hell with Kathryn Tappen."

He prefers his "eye candy" with a mustache and mullet and sans "boiler", ala the Eck!!

weasel said...

Ahh, the Eck. Is there no change passing time can effect on the man? Same hair and moushtie from when he was pitching, and the same beet-red drunk's complexion despite being many years dry.