Thursday, August 30, 2007

Does a Good Steak and Kidney Pie Make One Stupid?

I was most disappointed when I followed a link on the BBC entitled "High IQ link to being Vegetarian" and discovered to my chagrin that intelligence begets vegetarianism, not the other way around.

I have long held to the theory that vegetarians are cleverer than the average bod, you see. In my mind, it had something to do with having more time to read encyclopaedias thanks to the lack of meat comas brought on by a plate of chops and a quart of port. If they were intelligent before eschewing sausages, I'll have to revise my whole theory.

There lies the rub: I eat all manner of animal parts and am thus as thick as a hippy's beard. How on earth will I summon up the brain power to make the needed revisions?


Pisces Iscariot said...

Misleading headline for sure - leads to classic juxtaposition of cause and effect.

Donna said...

It's the kidney (eww, gross) not the steak that makes one stupid.

weasel said...

Au contraire Donna; it is all too easy to come up with slicing off a steak from a huge docile cow. Indeed, the first primate to stumble across forest fire charred ruminant made essentially the same decision a slack-jawed, beer-gutted, mouth breather makes when grunting and pointing at steak in the supermarket.

"Uggh, meeat! Meeeeeeeeeeeat! Ugh! Ugh! Chewy yummy chewy!" They both thought.

However, to have the imagination to realize that one could eat innards, and that they would taste delicious and delicate: that took brains. Brains that the French would eat without pause.

Pisces: CJD is crippling the sub-editors at the BBC.