Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Two Thoughts on Tonight's News

I no longer have control of the remote in my house and we tend to eat earlier now that Scout is here. So instead of getting an hour of The Dead Nazis and Communists of Stalingrad- Where's The Downside? on the Hitler Channel before tucking into dinner, I find myself shovelling my scran in front of one of the American network news broadcasts.

Tonight it was the turn of NBC Nightly News with Brian Williams. Lead story- Dow approaches 14,000, but who will be making money? Here's a clue, how about the $10 million a year anchor of NBC Nightly News with Brian Williams? I bet he's on that list.

Second thought. I know that the networks believe the news to be the sole preserve of the nearly dead and so they instruct their reporters to shout slowly and every advertisement is for some kind of medication. Tonight's fave : some bladder control potion that plays on women's fear of pissing down their legs into their sling backs by having the spokesmodel wear a sandwich board that reads "I Have a Bladder Control Problem". I want that sandwich board so I can wear it around town. But here's the twist: I want to paint "Or do I???" on the back.

Keep 'em guessing, that's what I say.


Rikki said...

Hey Mister - guess what?

Rikki said...

Or rather, "Guess what!"

weasel said...


weasel said...

Or rather what am I guessing?

SkookumJoe said...

Peter Jenning, Brian Williams, John Roberts - why do Americans prefer to get their news from Canadians?

weasel said...

Well, Williams was born in upstate New York, so that's almost Canada, and it does seem that by occupying one or two of the eight credible anchor seats Canadians are more represented in the spotlight than Pakistanis. I do get your point, that being there are lots of Canadians in American media. Probably the same reason that there are lots of Irish people in the British media, or why there are a quite a few New Zealanders plying their trade as Australian pop stars.

Fun fact: my favorite grizzly former news anchor Ted Koppel was born English, something I only learned after I decided I liked his acerbic mumbling the best.

Margaret Evans Porter said...

And then there's Brit Hume. By virtue of his name, he to is a Brit by birth, right? And yet he's all-Amurrican, born in Washington, DC.

As Ted Koppel was born to German parents in Lancashire, he covers a lot of territory, representing not only Britain, but Old Europe, too!

I truly lurve Brian Williams, I don't care if he makes $10 million bucks. At 10 million viewers, that's only a dollar per viewer. Not so much, is it?

weasel said...

I like Williams too. I'm just still in awe even after 12 years here that American multimillionaires try so hard to be one of the people. Where's the fun in claiming to like NASCAR when one can afford a Maybach?