Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Thousands Are Sailing

My dear friend Mondale and his family (pictured above) are departing the United States for a new life in the wilds of eastern England tomorrow. It will be a harrowing, arduous 7 hour flight (with movie and meals) followed by a bit of a drive at the other end, but the price of a life of freedom, smaller houses, and access to Subbuteo is worth every metaphorical penny.

The life of a reimmigrant to the UK is hard- one runs the risk of being labelled an asylum seeker, of being firebombed from one's home, and of being hopelessly behind in the plot of Eastenders- but I know Mondale et al will thrive. As the man himself says,

"Tomorrow we fly to England. Forever."

I expect to see them back on vacation, July 2008, forever being a relative term.

Fare thee well, old chum!


Rikki said...

Strains of Shane MacGowen are ringing in my head ....

weasel said...

The image of Shane McGowan straining now haunts my day.

Rikki said...

I can imagine him doing anything but straining ... or at least, his liver straining.

For some reason, your Fugazi comment didn't take when I (thought I) published it. I might fudge what I recalled you saying/typing back in, in a quasi-anonymous kinda way. Respecting all rights reserved by you, et cetera, et cetera.

Rikki said...

Be haunted: dont click me.