Sunday, July 22, 2007

Million Dollar Idea

With the mercury approaching 90 degrees here in midcoast Maine I was flicking through the LL Bean catalogue when I was struck by a potentially hugely profitable idea. Here's the pitch.

I see from the pages of everyone's favorite outdoor outfitter that convertible trousers (figure 1) remain popular among hikers. However, it dawned on me that the ability to turn a pair of long breeks into shorts does nothing to address two issues- dispelling core body heat and protecting one from the menace of ticks. Therefore I am going to suggest to LL Bean that they sell each pair of convertible trousers with a pair of extra long braces, or suspenders (figure two). The final cooling yet insect free ensemble will resemble figure three, but without the fashion-forward Tin Man accouterments or skintight-edness. Bish bosh, all that's left is the counting of the money.

LL Bean- call me (unless you are still mad about my idea for a Maine rapper/ Hip-hop mascot for your flagship store, LL Bean J. I still maintain "Straight out of Cushing, crazy clamdigger called Bean J" would have had you in like Flynn among the urban set, a la Timberland or Hillfiger).

Figure One:

Figure Two:

Figure Three:


mainelife said...

You should get a patent or trademark or some form of protection for your intellectual property on that, pronto...that's at least a million dollar idea, most likely it's worth way more.

weasel said...

This shall serve as my poor man's patent app.

As for any doubters, they laughed at Jack Benny too, you know. Probably because he was a comedian.

mainelife said...

I'll be happy to testify that I saw the idea here first should someone steal your idea.

Rikki said...

I think America said it most pointedly: "LL Bean never did give nothing to the Tin Man ... that he didn't ... didn't already have."

I'd try to help out, but patent law is dangerously heavy on math, and light on the stuff of my forte ... i.e. latin phraseology and twisting plain English to serve your needs. As your attorney, I advise you to seek help from another attorney.