Sunday, July 15, 2007

Fiendish Plot Uncovered by Me

Most Americans know the Sherwin Williams company as a patriotic all-American purveyor of paint and stain: the British equivalent would be Dulux. However, thanks to the example of our great president I have begun to look at even the most innocuous things more closely and thus can reveal that Sherwin Williams paint is a communist plot! Look at the logo, above:

  • Red paint, dripping menacingly over the planet
  • the slogan is a command like something Lenin would have said "Cover the earth"
  • The initials "SWP" adorn the paint can- the Socialist Workers' Party.
Those damn commies are trying to make a comeback!


Mondale said...

dammit sir, you're onto something. I shall wake my young son and lecture him upon the perils of being nice to people!

SkookumJoe said...

damn straight.

(allowing for the curvature of the earth which is negligible at that distance.)

weasel said...

Eternal vigilance, brothers...

Joe said...

The angle of the globe seems to indicate that the Americas will be the first to get it.