Friday, April 13, 2007

The Grand National Field

OK folks, place your bets:

2007 Grand National Field.

More than one of you can pick the same horse, you'll just split the prize.

I'm going with the 25-1 Liberthine for the win, and the 100-1 Sonofafushi as my rank outsider because the BBC tipster says "Sometimes you just have to say a horse is not good enough to win. He isn't good enough to win."

So far, Mark has gone with The Outlier (50-1) and Knowhere (66-1). Joe has gone for Dun Doire at 12-1, Longshot: The Outlier at 50-1. Country Mouse has Slim Pickings (33-1) and Homer Wells (50-1).

Slap 'em down, ladies and gents.


Bill Norris said...

My Choice to Win: DUN DOIRE at 12-1


Mondale said...

Righty-ho, here we go.
My top tip is going to be Idle Talk. It's a dashing combination of yellow and green (obviously) mixed in the quarter motif thus blending the colors and styles of my two favourite footy teams, Norwich and Bristol Rovers. I could have chosen a few other yellow and green horses but with a name Like Idle Talk (which I do a lot of) I can't fail.

Second has to be Simon.
It's not everyday that a major sporting event throws up the opportunity to root for one's brother. I also used to have a pair of boxer shorts in the same pattern as his jockey's silks.

weasel said...

Seeing as both your nags are at 16-1 you hardly honoured the spirit of the game by going with at least one rank outsider, but given that it is your brother's name, I'll let it slide. One year you'll get the rules right.

I also like this about Simon: "Owned and bred by 87-year-old Mercy Rimell, widow of Fred."

weasel's little bruva said...

I will plump for Naunton Brook @50s as my outsider as I have a policy of always backing the horse that I draw in the office sweep stake. Worked last year (though it was Numbersixvalverde), besides any horse trained by someone called Nigel Twiston-Davies has to be good. Recently matched Hedgehunter yet is carrying a stone less.

My other choice will be Joe's Edge @8s on account that it is is going to win given the lack of rain.

FlyingRodent said...

My money is on Accidental Cumshot at 25-1, and I'm putting a fiver on Manky Beaver at 100-1.

I don't see the point though, Ajax Knobthrottler is going to walk it.