Sunday, April 15, 2007

Sweet Victory...

Read and weep, because for once the Mouse/Weasel household is victorious:

1. Silver Birch (R Power) 33-1
2. McKelvey (TJ O'Brien) 12-1
3. Slim Pickings (B Geraghty) 33-1 (Country Mouse's pick)
4. Philson Run (D Jacob) 100-1
5. Liberthine (Mr S Waley-Cohen) 40-1 (Weasel's pick)

However, being the sporting chap that I am, I will honour my offer of a prize* to the next best finisher, who turned out to be Bill, winner by default for the second year!

How everyone fared:

THISTHATANDTOTHER (Bill) Pulled up at 29th fence.
SONEVAFUSHI (Weasel) Pulled up at 29th fence.
DUN DOIRE (Bill/Joe) Pulled up at 27th fence.
SIMON (Mondale) Fell at 25th fence.
NAUNTON BROOK (Little Bruvva) Pulled up at 23rd fence.
HOMER WELLS (Country Mouse) Pulled up at 22nd fence.
JOES EDGE (Little Bruvva) Pulled up at 20th fence.
IDLE TALK (Mondale) Unseated rider at 19th fence.
THE OUTLIER (Mark/Joe) Unseated rider at 19th fence.
KNOWHERE (Mark) Unseated runner at 8th fence.

Neither of Flying Rodent's picks made the field but both were observed on the Mersey Ferry later Saturday night.

For those of you who are interested, here's the full final standings.

(*A signed photo of country and western star Garth Brooks (dedicated to someone called "Theresa") from early in his career, found by Country Mouse in the attic of the house she rented in Indian Shores, FL during her 2000 college internship.)


Bill Norris said...

Awesome prize. And pulled up at the 29th fence is about how things have been going of late, so that fits.

weasel said...

Couldn't have happened to a nicer fellow. The Brooks photo is perfect for transformation into a quasi-religious Russian icon. In it he has a look and pose that's half attempted Rudolph Valentino (with mascara) and half St Basil. I'd love it if you let some Austin types loose on it with gold markers, etc.

Margaret Evans Porter said...

A hearty congratulations.

I consider it a good result at Aintree if no horrible injuries occur.

Wish I'd made my pick, but as Andrew Thornton, riding Simon, blithely said afterwards, "I suppose there's always next year."

Joe said...

Congrats to Bill and the weasel clan. The problem here is that I actually spent more time on the Grand National picks than I did on my March Madness pool, in which I finished second (a personal best for me).

You know, I don't mind that the word verification is difficult for the spammers to read, but I'd like more of a fighting chance myself sometimes!

Rikki said...

Took me a second. I thought you were polling the masses in search of children's names. I was going to offer "Johann SabattusChin" if it's a boy before I caught on. A little slow on the uptake, as they say.