Friday, March 02, 2007

Short Fidel Castro, Get in Early on Memorial Souvenir Manufacturers Stock

From the BBC website on Wednesday:

"Ailing Castro says 'I feel good'"

Who is most famous for saying "I feel good"? James Brown. And where is James Brown now? Dead, in a box. "I feel good", my arse.

Fidel old boy, take a tip from elderly English people. The more you complain about how you are in an advanced and unstoppable state of geriatric collapse, the longer you will live.

Castro spins, pivots...

...Tumbles to the ground and demands his cape.


MsDee said...

Only the good die young evil dictators seem to live forever...wait ..except Idi Amin, Mussolini and Hitler they werent young young but they werent old either

weasel said...

May I refer you to a previous post where we had a similar conversation?

mainelife said...

I wonder if Baldacci will attend the funeral? Some in Maine think they're BFF.

weasel said...

Nah, Governor Baldacci is going to boycott the funeral because some self-appointed asshole in CT is telling him to do so.

(Nice job highlighting that, ML- I have to post on that too and refer folks over to your site. I can't believe that Douche called Maine "backwards" and then expects people up here to listen to him).

SkookumJoe said...

ohh leave poor old fidel alone. You watch, as soon as he dies the US will be in there like a shot to 'rescue' everyone...and build hotels.

weasel said...

SJ, I honestly wish Cuba lay 90 miles off Nova Scotia rather than Florida so that the good bits (free healthcare, decent education) could have a better chance of surviving the rapracious claws of the same sort of assholes who bought up Zambia's debt. It doesn't stop Fidel from being an oppressive fucker who jails people for having thoughts and opinions at variance to his, though.

If I'm going to moan about the Patriot Act, or about the attempts by John Howard to impose a narrow eurocentric worldview on Australia, I'd better have a crack at the old shibboleths of the left, too.

Also, Chavez is a dick.