Sunday, March 04, 2007

Type n' Sniff

This is only going to distract them from randomly typing the complete works of Shakespeare.

News from South Korea:

Fragrant future beckons for web
"Within a decade the net will be able to deliver smells as fast as it does data, predicts a report. The forecast came in a wide-ranging survey produced by the South Korean government to find out what consumers will want from future technologies...."

I'm still undecided as to the benefits of this. I'm not sure if my investment in the domain name "" is going to be a money spinner or dead on arrival.


Joe said...

I can imagine this being used for far more evil than good.

Any reference to the XXX industry has been deleted in order to keep this in good taste.

mainelife said...

This is so disconcerting that I'm unable to even crack wise about it.

weasel said...

New for the Nintendo Wii: "Pull My Controller".