Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Around the Houses Time

Its time once again for a quick wrap up of all the fun things happening in our little corner of the web, chums:

*Cuzzen Jim (my actual real-life, proper cousin) writes to say that:

"I'm on a mission. The lads in my pub quiz team have got me obsessed with this the last week. There really is no higher purpose than seeking to convert the entire OED into limerick form...."

It is a mighty task, but Cuzzen Jim is not alone. And if you want to partake in translating the Oxford English Dictionary into limericks, the info is there at the link.

*Public Radio International's "The World" ran a great story on Tuesday about remarkably successful Soviet efforts to map Britain in 1/250,000 scale so that the Ivan tank drivers would know where to go in the event they invaded. The interview is archived here. I wonder if Karl Marx's tomb in Highbury cemetery is marked, with cyrillic warnings to drive the T-72 around, not over, it?

*Dave over at Backword reports on the conservative version of Wikipedia, designed to combat "anti-christian and anti-American" biases in the orginal collective encyclopedia here. Dave quotes part of the entry on quantum mechanics:

"Quantum mechanics forms the basis for all computers and electronic devices today. Unfortunately, the idea of non-determinstic physics runs contrary to the Biblical worldview of an omnipotent diety. Thus, quantum mechanics remains a flawed, ultimately incorrect theory."

Love it.

*Listmaker has his 2006 Movie List up.

*Flying Rodent gets to grips with The European Disease (no, not gingivitus, intolerance).

*And finally, I'd like to welcome a new-to-me Maine blogger to the sidebar, as well as applaud the return of an old friend.


Listmaker said...

interblog relations!
i love it. i'm in the process of giving labels to all of my posts. currently i have one called blog wars. yours is so much more polite.

weasel said...

I just haven't got around to labelling those blog war type posts "Flame-tards" yet.

I'm back-labelling mine too; it's like Google digitizing books, only lamer. Too bad we can't cross-tag to other blogs- Google, are you reading this?

mainelife said...

Shucks, I thank you for the link;)
The limerick quest does seem a noble task, but I'm afraid it might interfere with my drinking.....
I find that entire anti-wikipedia thing chilling. I take these guys seriously and I'm very afraid of them. Very. Very afraid.