Friday, January 19, 2007

By Punching Chavs, You Help Stop Terrorists

Senior British politician John Prescott punches an mulleted idiot on the campaign trail, 2001
Hear hear.


FlyingRodent said...

Am I the only person who felt more respect for Prescott after he clobbered that guy?

Mondale said...

Poor people deserve to get hit, it keeps them warm.

weasel said...

According to the author of the linked piece (which you won't have read Mondale, so here's the gist):

"That is why most British adults pretend not to notice the misbehaviour of young people in public. Children can swear and adolescents can push and shove without being worried about how grown-ups will respond. And if adults believe that it is not their business to challenge routine anti-social behaviour, they will certainly not feel empowered to confront a would-be bomber."

John Prescott should really be called John McClane (although I think "Fry Hard" would be a better vehicle for the old DPM than "Die Hard").