Monday, October 16, 2006

Veggie Tales is Getting Some Competition

From the BBC today:

"Cartoon tribute to Pope John Paul
A cartoon version of the life of Pope John Paul II, telling the story of his life and death in animated form, is to be released on DVD by the Vatican. The film, subtitled The Friend of All Humanity, will be the first cartoon account of a Pope's life...(the rest of the story)"

Shot in spectacular Vaticanvison this is a Holy (must) See! This manga Monsignor is a box office cert that will crucify the competition, and is expected to easily surpass the Reverend Ian Paisley's Reservoir Prods ("Mr Orange, Mr Orange, and Mr Orange") in opening weekend takings. Some suggest it may outdo The Lady and the Tramp! Stock up on the popecorn and hit the multiplex; its the family movie for the holidays for those of you banned by ecclesiastical law from having families upon taking holy orders.

Do you think transubstantiation is possible with a 48oz pepsi and gummy bears?


Wes said...

"The story is narrated by two white doves" writes the BBC. They do know doves don't speak, right? Or is that part of the miracle of the Pope?

weasel said...

With the singing doves it'll be like "Song of the South", but with casual anti-semitism instead of casual racism. "Zippity doo deus, zippity day" and so on.

Bill Norris said...

"See if you will a picture, of you and I engaged in a Writ of The Holy See" just doesn't have the same ring to it.

Reservoir Prods ("Mr Orange, Mr Orange, and Mr Orange"): drink nearly snorted into keyboard.

weasel said...

I'd love to take credit for Reservoir Prods but alas it is from a Glasgow Rangers very unofficial and frowned upon t-shirt I saw eons ago. References to the sectarian divide among knucklehead Scottish football fans cannot be tolerated, even if the club itself experimented with this away shirt a while back.

Anonymous said...

Vaticavision is fine but is it in sensurround/sensaround (sp?)

weasel said...

Or even censer-round.

I am lead to believe that Mother Theresa is the love interest; the Jamie Lee to the pope's Arnold in this version of True Lies.

I'm actually hoping against hope that it'll be like this.