Monday, October 16, 2006

The Gettysburg Address Was Delivered From the Bed of a Chevy Silverado

If history sells trucks, Toyota is missing a trick

What posessed Chevrolet to sink a fortune into a truck commercial that not only featured a horrible piece of faux-patriotic sentimental crap by John "Don't Call Me Cougar" Mellencamp for the music, but also attempted to link Chevy trucks to momentous events in US history? We are all used to corporations misappropriating Rosa Parks and Martin Luther King to sell consumer goods (and naturally Chevy checked those boxes) but I think this was the first example of using both 9/11 and Hurricane Katrina.

I now await the commercial from the Ford Motor Company, extolling the links between their Lincoln brand and the Kennedy assassination.


Clockwatcher said...

Amen to that Weasel. Apes and I practically threw up in our own mouths when we first saw that ad.

lance said...

Weasel you're spot on.
Pathetic commercial.

At some point I expect to see the all new Chevy Tundra with Jesus in the back, towing a crucifix up Golgotha.