Friday, October 20, 2006

Oh, Bugger

Tony LaRussa celebrates the Cardinals' win last night as Albert Pujols stands in the background. Fun fact: LaRussa is the only leathery skinned undead Pete Rose lookalike coaching in the majors today.

Mets chums; by backing you publicly yesterday I may have inadvertenly cursed you with my family finger of destruction. I do know of the depths in which you currently wallow, and be assured that if I knew how to post audio files to this blog, I'd have Don't Give Up by Peter Gabriel and Kate Bush up here for you in a jiffy.

Sob on my friends, sob on: only 6 months until opening day 2007.


Mondale said...

I cursed them by not watching game 6 and then staying up past bedtime to watch game 7.

With that amazing catch in the 6th inning I started to think that God was on our side.

Then I began to wonder what sort of God was on our side? A Jewish God? A Christian God? A Church of England type of God? A Queens God? I figured that the regular All American corn fed God would possibly be rooting for StLouis.

Then I remembered that i dont think I believe in god.

Yadier Molina said...

God is dead.