Thursday, October 19, 2006

Shea Butter

To all my New York Mets-rooting pals, notwithstanding 1986 (which I am reliably informed you did not win but rather the Red Sox lost), I would like to extend not the middle finger but rather the fraternal hand of solidarity and say (even though you ain't there yet and I'm not opposed to the the Tigers per se):

Let's Go Mets!

If you take the Cardinals tonight I shall cheer for you in the Series. And for this guy:


Bernsteinschmuck said...

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weasel said...

Piss off, Otto Von Spammerfuck.

Listmaker said...

you are a gentlemen and a scholar. i salute you.

lanoe hawker said...

I too am 'rootn and a tootin' for the Mets tonight. I say weasel old boy I am not sure about the blogging etequete. Is one supposed to reply to every bally comment or what. Seems an awfull lot of work . I did do a bit of D&D round Anthony meltons house in the early 80's. before LOTRings was cool of course and you had to keep quiet about it.

weasel said...

Ianoe, hello old chum! No, a reply is not required every time (I'm just a chatty Cathy). The occasional acknowledgement of visitors or conversation swirler is all that is neeeded. Welcome to the blogmonde, Gandorkin the Paladin.

Listo; hey man, I have your back. You and the other NYers are people of taste (except the exiled Bill) when it comes to baseball.

Joe said...

It was that stupid batting glove in 1986. Stupid Cubs!

Imagine how good that '86 Mets team would have been if they had played a couple of games sober.

Mondale said...

Imagine how good the 06 Mets might have been if I'd watched a couple of games sober.