Wednesday, July 26, 2006

A Quick Trip Around The Houses

Every now and then I think it is worth taking a second to point out some of the cool things happening in our little corner of the blogosphere. So here goes.

First, Mr. Bill Norris has very kindly posted this video mash-up of Sunday Bloody Sunday by U2 and one of President Bush's addresses to congress from (I think) 2001. Not recommended for epileptics but rather amusing nonetheless.

Second, Joe over at the Air Blog has done the near impossible by crafting a book review that is actually about the book, informative, well-written, and compelling. Read about Ecology of a Cracker Childhood by Janisse Ray, courtesy of Joe's considered keyboard.

Third, I pinched the library listing idea to the right from SeeSaw while she's away in Puerto Rico. Always lock your blog when going on vacation.

Fourth, Infinite Thought has does a surgical number on right wing cant and press mendacity, in this case relating to the fighting in Lebanon and the offensive hate-mongering of the London Evening Standard.

Fifth, there is a lot of faux-nonchalance, pretending-not-to-look stuff going on over at Unwellness while the results of pr*****y t***s are awaiting confirmation.

Finally, Youthlarge and the China-Latina Chowhound continue to provide full VFM and a constant advertisement for rolaids over at The Park Slope Gastronome. With Youthlarge on vacation in Korea and CLC prowling the back alleys of New York in search of a pork chop and a pint they have a wierd atlantic-pacific fusion thing going on.


bri said...

Thanks for the nod... appreciate it.

weasel said...

Welcome. I want to point out that when blanking out the P word I did opt to go pr***.... lest anyone mistakenly think you were waiting on a Paternity test.

Rikki said...

That Bush/U2 video hurts ... on 4-5, if not more levels. I heard he originally did it to the Rattle and Hum version, only the splicer had a hard time catching Bush on film/mic saying "Enniskillen."

Joe said...

Likewise, thank you for the kind words, Weasel. And thank you for not pointing out that these 1,000 word posts can numb ones eyes in the current white-on-black format. Might be time to revisit the template menu.