Thursday, July 27, 2006

Of Course They Are Good! They Are Inflatable!

The BBC's photo editors are an odd bunch, and skilled at selecting at least one freak-out wierd image every day for their round up of the Day in Pictures. Today's follows:

Russian synchronised swimmers Anastasia Davydova and Anastassia Ermakova perform at the European Swimming Championships in Budapest, Hungary.

Either the Russians have entered a pair of remote controlled blow up dolls in the contest or I'm a Dutchman's bottom. Dirty cheatoviches.


bri said...

Does anyone else find it creepy that their names are the same except one has an additional, needless S? And does that S sound appear in the Cyrrilic version or did someone just decide to use it to differentiate the 2?

weasel said...

'Anastassia' just had a slow puncture, hence the extra sibilance.

Bill Norris said...

They look like blow up dolls for zombie fetishists. I'm afraid.