Tuesday, July 25, 2006

More Procrastination

I have been meaning to jot down something about the current immigration brouhaha and the fighting in Lebanon, as being both a legal immigrant and a middle east spod myself I reckon I might have some vaguely interesting things to say about both. I have even gone so far as to title a post and jot down notes and link URLs but I can't quite bring myself to commit the time to pull the trigger. Perhaps if I promise to have something up by the end of the work week I'll succumb to the pressure of game theory and complete the post for fear of public disgrace. We shall see.

Turning away from self-flagellation matters and of great international import, I saw a story on the BBC today that reminded me of a comment made by my pal Mockney Motormouth (the original Lion of the Punjab) on his recent visit to my palatial mansion, Disgracelands. We were discussing offspring and Mockney mentioned that googling the phrase "fat baby" brings up this picture of a particularly large Indian kid early in the search:

Today, thanks to the BBC, I had a glimpse of the kid's future: India's 'monster eater' retires.

I'm not a fan of over-consumption (the newly professionalized fad for competitive eating leaves me cold) but I think my love of Indian food and the sheer amazement at the following combined to quell my revulsion:

"On one famous occasion, the man who locally became known as Theeta (monster eater) took advantage of a local restaurant's "unlimited meals" coupon. He reputedly scoffed three bucketfuls of rice, one bucket of fish curry and 10 kgs of cooked meat.

The restaurant in question ran out of food, and police had to be called in to restore order as a large crowd gathered to watch Rappai in action."

Slightly more intelligent stuff soon, I promise.

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