Wednesday, May 17, 2006

"That's him officer! I'd know that tongue anywhere!"

What every child needs: a toy hobo.

From the BBC:

"Camera licking beggar given Asbo.
A beggar who licked security cameras to hide his identity has been given an anti-social behaviour order (Asbo). Keith Farran took cash from motorists, saying he would wash their cars, but did not carry out the work. The 27-year-old then licked CCTV cameras to obscure their view in a car park in Stockton, Teesside.

Magistrates gave Farran a two-year anti-social behaviour order, banning him from interfering with CCTV cameras or attempting to wash cars. Farran, of Borough Road, Middlesbrough, was also ordered not to harass or intimidate anyone, swear, or loiter in car parks across the Teesside area.

The latest Asbo follows an interim order granted in March after complaints from Stockton Council. Farran did not contest any part of the order or any of the evidence in support of the order during a hearing at Teesside Magistrates' Court.

Paul Kirton, the council's cabinet member for community safety and protection, added: "We cannot allow people to act in irresponsible ways, such as intimidating members of the public as they go about their daily life.""

All I can think is that it must have paid pretty well if he kept it up so long. If only more of today's young people showed that sort of initiative we would be free of the curse of dirty security cameras.


Ignatius Van deKlepto said...

Licking cameras, indeed! HAH!!!
Not on your LIFE!! Peripheral TOADIE!!!

Avast, scullduggerer!


MsDee said...

that's just nasty!
I heard that's what Elizabeth Taylor did for her White Diamonds commercial
She licked the camera for that special effect

Joe said...

Is it just me, or does it seem like everybody who says they won't be blogging for awhile subsequently picks up the pace and blogs more feverishly than before?

I, on the other hand, take the opposite tack - promise to start blogging more frequently, then take weeks off between posts.

weasel said...

Aha! That's why I hedged my bets with this statement: "posts may be a little sporadic for the next week"

May be; the great escape. Besides, mine wasn't a fake suicide note plea for attention like so many are (stop getting mad at me, yours wasn't either Jim B). Next week after Tuesday though, for def. Fewer posts. For sure.

Although I might live blog my wedding.

Joe said...

You know, if Blogger had voice recognition software, you might be able to seamlessly live blog the thing.

Holy crap on the word verification qvocmbpu - this might take a few tries!

Anonymous said...

Elizabeth Taylor did a Diamond White advert?

weasel said...

It's called "Whose Afraid of Virginia Woolf?".