Saturday, May 20, 2006

Move Over, Virgina Woolf

Saturday in Rockland, Maine; Country Mouse, Dinah and I head to the lighthouse (click to enlarge).

The Rockland Breakwater; 7/8ths of a mile long with a lighthouse at the end.

Country Mouse and Dinah, taking the sea air.

Raw Faith, under a Captain of the Port's order from the Coastguard to stay put after almost wrecking twice. It's big news in these parts, and quite a long story.

I wanna go on that. She looks fast.

Ye olde lighthouse.

Pat Reilley lives down the street from us. He's not on the council anymore.

From the water side.

Are we really going to get more rain?

Rockland to the left, Rockport in the middle, and Camden to the left under the hazy hills.

Her loveliness, the Country Mouse.

A simple beast who likes biscuits and doesn't get enough exercise, and Dinah.


Bill Norris said...

Do you get stripahs that far north? Because that big old stretch of rocks looks very much like a place that would harbor some striped bass come summertime...

weasel said...

Oh jeesum yes, bub; we get striypaaahs wicked thick. Both sides of the breakwater are pretty congested with lobster gear though, so you'd probably snag a lot.

The best spot in these parts apparently is further up Penobscot Bay in Searsport, off the marine cargo terminal. However, seeing as I do nothing more than drown worms when I go fishing I can only speak speculatively.

Rikki said...

Well played! I stumbled here by way of the old "Rockland" "Maine" blog search, to see if I was the only one who came up. Alas -- nope.

Excellent posts in re: The Shore Village, random marine items on display, et al. Good luck with your wedding and continuing fair Midcoastal tidings ...