Monday, May 15, 2006

Stop The Presses!

The Maine National Guard try out their summer uniforms in Madawaska, August 2005

Any truth to the rumour that the Maine National Guard are being dispatched to the border to head off this bunch?

What? The (P)Resident's* plan to send troops to patrol the border is purely an operation on the southern US frontier? But who will protect us from the swarms of burly day-loggers charging south? Ay carmaba!


Anonymous said...

More on those Canadian devils, from Dennis the Peasant.


Bill Norris said...

I want them stopped. Those people who mangle my vowels and think hockey is a good sport. They are dangerous. Some of them even speak FRENCH, and we know they're a group of cheese eating surrender monkeys.

weasel said...

You should see them, hanging around the Husqvarna outlet in their mukluks, waiting for gang bosses to hire them for day labour. They undercut the job market around here by taking their pay in Tim Horton's gift certificates.

Nice profile image, by the way.

Bill Norris said...

Just you wait.

Anonymous said...

Late breaking news- apprently there are no plans to send the troops to tackle illegal eh-migrants as the only time the military can hit Canadians is when they aren't supposed to be aiming at them.
Margaret Trudeau