Friday, March 24, 2006

End of the World II: Reptilians

Actor Jane Badler reveals herself to be one.

The rapture index got me thinking. Its all well and good for jewish people like Listmaker as they can claim the antichrist as one of their own, but what about us WASP-y types? What do we have to look forward to in the end times?

Thankfully, a very helpful woman of no fixed mental health status has compiled a list to warm the heart of the bluest of bloods:

Reptilians in Government

Her research is amazing. For example, she has succeeded where the DC police and FBI failed: "Condit, Gary; California 18th ([Chandra]Levy died because she found out his secret-- he's Reptilian...)"

The only disappointment about the list is that not one of the Maine delegation- Senators Olympia Snowe and Susan Collins, Reps Tom Allen and Mike Michaud- is a reptilian. Sigh. When it comes to sinister consipracies and the end of the world the Pine Tree State is always the bridesmaid, never the bride. I may have to come up with my own series of signs and portents, perhaps based around meat pies and IPA.

Maine has however attracted the attention of one group of fearless warriors for God:

Church group targets fallen soldier's funeral
The service for the 22-year-old soldier (Sgt. Corey Dan of Oxford Hills, ME) is in danger of being overshadowed by the uproar over a planned demonstration outside the funeral by members of a Baptist church in Kansas.
The picketers say they intend to use the service to draw attention to their belief that God is killing American soldiers as retribution for the nation's failure to condemn homosexuality.

Or is it the Reptilians' doing?


Debbie said...

This explains Lord Voldemort

Not for nuthin' but that is the second site to mention Prince Charles and sons and yet no mention of Sam Neill:)

Anonymous said...

The originator of the Rapture Index should list himself on his index under the category of "Deceivers Before the Rapture." Explanation? Just type in "Open Letter to Todd Strandberg" while Googling, Yahooing, etc.