Sunday, March 26, 2006

Another Sunday Out & About With Weasel & Country Mouse

After one or other of my photoblogs about our weekend meanderings, my good pal Mondale noted:

"Bloody hell, you go out all the time don't ya?"

Well, we don't want to disappoint Mondale, so here's a Sunday drive around Cushing, Friendship, and Waldoboro. As always, click to enlarge any image.

Dragon Cement, Thomaston.

The village of Friendship.

Friendship again.

Yet more Friendship.

Final Friendship.

Eat at Moody's, get gas.

If I wore glasses, I could be in Buggles. What the hell is going on with my head?

This food, eaten everyday, can take years off your life.

For all your odd German food needs. And just where you'd expect to find a German specialty store too: 8 miles up an obscure country road in Maine, opposite a dairy farm.

CM, content with her Haribo candies.

And off to home. "Time for bed" said Zebedee.


Mondale said...

A marvellous lookin sunday of driving about. Did you remember to call your mum?

weasel said...

No, but I did send a card and spoke to her last week. Besides, I was struggling with the effects of too much Dutch licorice on the old digestion. I went to the movies and farted my way through "Tristram Shandy" (loved it, btw)- I might add that such flatulence was very much in the spirit of 18th century audience participation.

youthlarge said...

what is that on the plate with the onion rings?

weasel said...

A clam roll. Ahh, the humble clam- once described on a visit by Mondale as resembling "an old man's c**k".

leelee said...

I'm with Country Mouse...give me a good supply of Haribo gummi bears or BUILD A BURGER and I am a happy camper.

weasel said...

Sunday's choice was the little raspberry gummies, although Morse's did appear to have to full gamut of choices. Except for the carrot shaped, carrot flavored ones I remembered from the years I spent in Germany as a kid. I never understood those.