Monday, March 27, 2006

The Man is Clearly Typhoid Mary

Based on the evidence of the past six years, anyone or anywhere fingered by President Bush as a success worthy of emulation is going to have a hard time getting insurance. Ken "Kenny Boy" Lay, the US military and "Mission Accomplished", Ahmad Chalabi, "Brownie", and many others have found themselves crushed by the logging truck of reality after receiving the blessing of Dubya. Now it appears it is the turn of the Iraqi city of Tal Afar, held up recently by the President as an example of security successes and a rebuttal of all those darned unpatriotic, unamerican, Osama lovers who say the war is going badly. Let us review:

ABC News, 3/20/06: Bush voices optimism for Iraq 3 years after invasion

Reuters, 3/24/06: Iraqis in Tal Afar question Bush's optimism

Daily Telegraph (London), 3/27/06: Up to 40 dead in Iraq suicide blast

The last story, if not immediately apparent, comes from Tal Afar.

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