Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Dubai, Dubai Doo, Exchanging Glances...

See? Them A-rabs even got to ol' Blue Eyes.

With so many splenetic words expended over the Dubai Port World purchase of British company P&O* and their consequent assumption of the role of absentee employers of American stevedores protected by American Coasties etc etc I'm loathe to jump into the thrombotic fray. Instead I'll just point out that nobody in Congress seemed to have a problem with a British company running American ports (despite our way with your women). Indeed, there seems to be admirable bipartisan hurrumphing about what pukkah chaps the Brits are, oldest pals, etc. Given the odd coincidence that I'm currently re-reading Blood, Class, and Empire, a book by the incorrigible Christopher Hitchens about American anglophilia and British attempts to profit politically from it I must admit I do find this rather odd. Oh for the days when we were still considered a threat:

(*I'm more worried about the possibility of sharia law on P&Os ferries between England and France, curtailing booze cruises to the Pas de Calais).

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