Wednesday, February 22, 2006

This Is Not An Olympic Blog

From the sublime flights of linguistic hair splitting to the ridiculous game of pretended mistaken identity I love so much (this one courtesy of Country Mouse):

British funnyman Sasha Cohen, aka 'Ali G'.

American ice princess Sasha Cohen.

And not relevant to either but proof of what a great thing google image search is,
The very much alive Seymour S. Cohen, esteemed Bacterial Virologist.


mas said...


weasel said...

Big up the Handwashings MASsive.

...mj said...

Ali G on Ice - coming soon to an arena near you!

(not to be confused with the more sordid Ali G taking Ice... which can be seen any Saturday night in a back alley in Staines)

Nim said...

Ironically, given the nature of this post, Seymour S Cohen is actually alive and well, and googled his name...only to find out that he was "the late" Seymour Cohen. Reports of his death have been greatly exaggerated. Weasel..if you read this, I would be grateful if you could correct the post (The scientist S Cohen is actually my father in law..I'm no relation to the Sasha Cohens.)

weasel said...

I'll awfully glad to hear that Nim, consider the post changed.