Monday, January 16, 2006

Hitchens vs. Galloway

I've been looking for a hassle free link to the Christopher Hitchens vs. George Galloway debate on Iraq since I first heard a recording of the clash in September. It has to be one of the best debates on these shores in recent times. Despite it being (to use Oscar Wilde's phrase describing fox hunting) "the unspeakable in pursuit of the uneatable"- that is the incorrigible chancer Galloway pursuing the tragically stubborn Hitchens- the quality and venom of the exchange gives proceedings a heady whiff of brimstone. It really should be listened to by all political geeks, lovers of spoken English, and collectors of examples of deeply held personal hatreds. Recently the BBC have revamped their streaming radio website making listening to the debate a heck of a lot easier. Therefore I'm very glad to be able to link to "Gorgeous" George Galloway vs. Christopher "The Chain Smoker" Hitchens. Lets have a good dirty fight, puching below the belt only, seconds out, round one.

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Listmaker said...

someone needs to podcast that. until then, i'm boycotting it.

a stubborn american